My Dearest Molloy: A Letter to the College

By Christie Catterson

My Dearest Molloy,

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation of how awesome you really are. Ever since I set foot on campus over three years ago, I felt the loving, close community that I was looking for in a school. When I shadowed a current student, I saw how teachers passionately taught their classes and genuinely wanted their students to thrive. With small teacher-to-faculty ratios, I knew that professors would invest their knowledge and experience to help me succeed after graduation.

I knew that you would be the perfect place for me to thrive with the numerous clubs and activities on campus. You give me the freedom to enjoy and build upon the things that I love, and to build a community in which I can form strong friendships. There is always something for me to get involved in, whether it is going to club hour during the week or by attending (or participating in) NCAA Division II sporting events on the weekend.

Even with a rigorous course load of 18 credits packed with Biology and Honors classes, I thoroughly enjoy the classroom experience with my fellow peers. You have definitely pushed me to be stellar at time management with running between homework, practice, and work. I have long, exhausting days, but they are all worth it because I absolutely love you for the amazing friends and family that I have made during my undergraduate career.

Thank you for making my time as an undergraduate an unforgettable one, filled with a tremendous amount of learning and growing into a young adult ready to achieve the lifelong goals I have worked so hard to accomplish. I will always treasure the wonderful memories and lifelong friendships with both peers and professors that I have made. I owe it all to you, Molloy, for being the best college that I could have asked for.


Christie Catterson